Heya! This is a 40 sec. teaser for a wedding film I delivered in 2017. The reason it’s at the top of my portfolio is because it’s my favorite thing I’ve made thus far. The couple’s poses, the shot framing, the editing style, and the music choice all speak about who I am as a videographer and as a person. I LOVE storytelling, I LOVE love, and I LOVE Toro y Moi. I also love taking something as cut and dry as a wedding film teaser and putting a modern spin on it. I want to continue to stretch myself and give life to projects like these.

Thanks for viewing!

Filmed on the Sony a7sII & edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

“Girl Like You” - Toro y Moi

2018 Wedding Teaser

Yet another wedding teaser. This one is from summer of 2018, where I updated my personal branding and added more graphical elements. Last shot = fav shot.

Filmed on Canon 5DmIV with C-Log, edited/colored in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Style - Instagram Ad

This 1 minute Instagram advertisement is for the “Gavin Bolin - Hair & Style” brand campaign. Gavin is a barber local to Springfield, MO and I had the privilege to do a full branding rollout for him as my senior capstone project in 2017. Some of my favorite shots were the bike scenes as they were a fun challenge to capture (from the back of a pickup truck).

Filmed on the Sony A7sII, edited/colored with Adobe Premiere Pro.